Student Computer and Internet Agreement


I have read this Agreement and know the importance of the school rules for the use of computers and the Internet.  I know that if I break these rules, I might lose the right to use a school computer, and the school may take other disciplinary action against me, which could include my removal from any course that involves computer use.

Parents / Caregivers

I have read this Agreement and understand that my child is responsible for using school equipment and the Internet as outlined here.
I have gone through the agreement with my child and explained its importance, and that there may be consequences for breaking the Agreement.
I understand while the school will do its best to restrict student access to offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal material on the Internet or through e-mail, it is the responsibility of my child to have no involvement in such material.

Student Computer and Internet use Agreement

I Understand That

  • The school will do its best to keep me safe while using global information systems such as the computer and the Internet.
  • The only purpose for school computers and other Information Technology resources is to support teaching and classroom learning.
  • I know that I am not permitted to access material through the Internet which is offensive (e.g. pornographic), dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal*.
  • I am forbidden to pass on such material by copying, storing or printing it.
  • If I use e-mail at school, I am not permitted to send any messages which are offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal*.
  • I may use the Internet or e-mail at school only if there is a teacher supervising me.

Students* Please ask your teacher if you need any of these terms explained to you.

I Understand How Important It Is To

Take Care of Information Technology Resources, such as Computers and the Internet.

  • Be careful with equipment and furniture.
  • Respect the copyrights on software that prohibit copying.
  • Use only school software on school computers.

Be Considerate of Other Users

  • Share available equipment.
  • Be careful not to waste computer resources, e.g. paper.
  • Avoid disruption of the running of any computer or network.
  • Take care not to scan or display graphics, record or play sounds, or type messages which could cause offence to others.
  • Remove immediately from the screen any material that would not be allowed at the school which I accidentally come across, and tell the teacher right away.

Be Responsible for Privacy and Security

  • I will not give anyone on the Internet information about myself or anyone else – this includes
  • Address, phone number, photograph or credit card information.
  • I will use USB  |  Memory sticks  |  Pen drives or other storage devises to backup work to take it to and from home.
  • I will tell the teacher if I come across a virus or security problem.

Student and Parent’s/Caregiver’s please complete the  Computer and Internet Agreement Permission Form

  • Student Computer and Internet Agreement

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