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Fred Bear’s Diary

Off to Bed: Fred is enjoying a hot chocolate before heading off for some bedtime reading. What a nice way to end the day.

Fred and friends: Fred and a couple of friends check out a new story, My Friends. Who are your special friends? Perhaps you could write to Fred about them. He would love to read your story. You can listen to the story if you click on the link below:

Fred and his poppy pin: Fred has been wearing his special poppy pin because ANZAC Day is coming soon. He enjoyed listening to the story about ANZAC Ted. You can listen to it to!

Reading for Room 7

This week, children working in Room 7 have enjoyed the story about ‘Anzac Ted’. You can listen to the story too.

Click on the link below:

Room 7 have also enjoyed ‘The Best Loved Bear’ by Diana Noonan. Click on the link below:

For a story about blowing super-fun bubbles, click on the link below:[]=22574&ColourWheelLevel=all&CurriculumLevel=all&ReadingYearLevel=all&LearningArea=all

This story is about a cat that likes to sleep in funny places. You can find this, plus other books from Flyleaf Publishing in the link below:

In this story, Monster surprises the children at school with the contents of his lunchbox. You can find this, and other Ready-to-Read books, in the link below:[]=22574&ColourWheelLevel=all&CurriculumLevel=all&ReadingYearLevel=all&LearningArea=all

We enjoyed the story of Snappsy the Alligator. You can find this at Storyline Online, in the link below:

We can recommend the story about Dino Duckling, in the link below:

Writing by Room 7

David’s Story: Anzac Ted

The grandpa is helping Anzac Ted with fishing.

He was a new bear but when the battle started he was an old bear.

Anzac was wearing a bow tie around his neck and a paper hat.

He is feeling good.

Renouf’s Story: Anzac Ted

Anzac went to the war to help his team.

Anzac had a bandage on his eye and when he went to the war he had a bandage on his arm too.

He had no friends except for one friend and all the kids were being not friendly to him when he went to school.

They were a bit mean because they were scared of him. Anzac Ted looked a bit scary because his fur was old and dirty and he had only one eye.

Anzac Ted was helping the Anzac soldiers by making them feel strong to fight the army that was fighting against them.

My Friends: By Renouf

I’m missing my friends from school. I miss doing fun stuff with my friends.

I like playing games with them like hide-and-go-seek and cops-and-robbers. Sometimes we play by ourselves.

It was nice to see my friends on the Skype call today.

My Friends at School: By David

I learned to play soccer from someone. I don’t remember who, but I learned quickly.

I learned to play dominoes with my class. They were playing it and I asked if I can play.

My friends said “Yes!”.

Our Teddies: 

My teddy is dressed up like a super-hero. He sleeps in a box.  By Renouf

My teddy bear likes to stay in the closet and he likes to play with all the other teddies. He likes to play with Pikachu.  By David.

My Friends – The Girl and the Gorilla : By Kenzo

This was very funny and the girl was kicking the tree.

The gorilla was kicking and he was punching.

There is a branch on the tree.

The leaves are falling off.

Maybe the wind blew them off.

Maybe the girl kicked them off and the wind blew them down on the ground.

Pam Likes to Nap: By Kenzo

That cat keeps on sleeping.

She likes sleeping on the skateboard.

She likes sleeping in the cap.

And she likes sleeping on the mat.


Monster’s Lunch: By David and Renouf

Monster had creatures for lunch. What kind of creatures? He had worms and snails in his lunchbox.

They were munchy and crunchy for Monster. They were squishy and gooey to eat.

The other children at school didn’t like Monster’s lunchbox creatures. They ate their apples and carrots. Yum! And Monster ate his monster-food.


Snappsy the Alligator: By David

Snappsy had a draggy tail and his feet felt baggy.

Snappsy was hungry but he could drink. He felt like he wanted to eat but he didn’t have any food.

He scooted up the tall hill. He went through the deep forest and he liked eating fluffy rabbits and fluffy birds.

After that he saw a supermarket. He went inside. He got some P-word food and he had a long way to walk home. And he was eating a big sandwich.

He had a party and invited his friends to his party. And they ate pudding. Yum!

They thought there were goody bags, but they were rubbish bags.

It was a good party.

Mop Dogs: By David

This dog looks like a piñata that you hit at your birthday party. In the book, they called him a mop dog because it looks like a mop. He has long, white fur that comes down to his feet. He is quite big and he has some fur covering his eyes.

How to Make a Dino Duckling – By David and JM


First we made our eggs out of watercolour paper. We used watercolour paints with lots of water. We chose between warm colours (red/yellow/orange) or cool colours (blue / green/ indigo). Then we sprinkled salt on our wet paint, to make our eggs speckled.

Then we cut our eggs to make them open up. We cut them crooked to make the eggs look cracked. We put a little pin into the eggs so we could open and shut them without worrying that the tops would come off.

Next we had to draw our dinosaurs on flexi cardboard. We painted them in the opposite colours to make them stand out.

We cut out our dinosaurs, and taped them onto the cracked eggs. We glued the hands on the front side of the eggs.

Finally, our dinosaurs were ready to be born to life! ROARRRRRRR!!!!

Home Learning Packs from the Ministry of Education

Home Learning Packs sent out to families contain some beautiful books from the Ready-To-Read series. You can find audio versions of these stories by searching the TKI website below:

To listen to the story Two Tiger Tales, click on the link:

To listen to the story A Quilt for Kiri, click on the link:

To listen to the story Scarecrows from Space click on the link:

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