Permission for Outings to Venues Outside the Classroom

Outings to Venues Outside the Classroom

Outings and visits outside the classroom are an important aspect of our educational programmes in 2018.  We would like to have the flexibility to take the children by foot or bus to venues when the opportunity arises without needing specific permission at the time (adult supervision ratios will be maintained at all times on these trips).

  • All outings are undertaken with the knowledge of the Principal
  • Adult ratio per child will be assessed according to the activity
  • Children will be asked to wear appropriate clothing
  • A first aid kit will be taken
  • All children are expected to be well behaved whilst representing St Joseph’s School.
  • Children being transported by car must wear a seat belt

To be read and signed by adult assistant or parent/caregiver of child participant.

Parental Consent

I agree to my child/myself taking part in EOTC and have received sufficient information on which to base a decision. I agree to their/my participation in the  activities described. I acknowledge the need for them/me to behave responsibly.

Acknowledgement of Risk

I understand that there are risks associated with involvement in school EOTC events and that these risks cannot be completely eliminated.  I understand
that the school will identify any foreseeable risks or hazards and implement correct management procedures to eliminate, isolate or minimise those hazards.  I understand my child has been involved in the development of safety procedures.  I will do my best to ensure that I/my child follow these procedures.

I know that I am able to ask any questions of the school about the activities I/my child will be involved in, to gain a better understanding of the risks involved.   I recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not mandatory through a ‘challenge by choice’* procedure.  My child and I both understand that I/they may withdraw from an activity if I/they feel at risk.  This must be done in consultation with the person in charge.

In understand that the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property and that it is my responsibility to check my own insurance policy.

If we do not have your written permission form on file, your children will not be able to go and arrangements will be made for your child to remain at school.

R. Smuga

Please complete the Permission form below for your child to go on Outings to Venus outside of,  St Joseph’s Catholic School, Grey Lynn

  • Permission for Outings to Venues Outside the Classroom