More Pirate Treasure Maps from Room 4

    By Yienzarah and Mary Ula

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Pirate Treasure Maps

  We had to make a pirate treasure map in class. Everyone else made a 2-D map, but I made a 3-D map at home – I think it’s really cool! I have included everything [...]

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Blazer the Fish

Room 4 have been writing about the fish that we painted for the art exhibition. Here is Augustine's story: My fish’s name is Blazer and he has rainbow stripes around him and metallic dots and [...]

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Book Character Day

                    As part of our book character day, we dressed up as our favorite character. Some dressed as Harry Potter, Cinderella,  Where's Wally and Dorothy from [...]

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Holy Spirit lesson-Role play

We are learning about the symbols of the Holy Spirit: the flame, the cloud and the finger of God. Students read the Scripture stories an acted out how the Holy Spirit gives the power to [...]

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Vector Wero Whitewater Park- Year 7 and 8 Trip Reflections

It was an exceptional opportunity to experience kayaking and water rafting with my peers. We learnt how to steer the kayaks into a direction we wanted to go. As part of our lesson we understood [...]

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Bike Safety- Bigfoot Adventures Reflections

  Sarah and Andrew from Bigfoot Adventures visited us last week to share their expert knowledge about bike safety. "Thank you Sarah and Andrew for teaching me how to put on a helmet in the [...]

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Mother’s Day Liturgy

We celebrated Mother's day with a liturgy focusing on Mother Mary. Students wrote creative verses thanking their mum for everything. One of our very supportive Mum received the Mothers Day Duffy award, "It was a [...]

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Easter Collage Art and Stories

Room 4 have been studying the Gospel account of the events on Easter Sunday, when the women went to the tomb and found the stone rolled away. Jesus' body was gone. An angel told them [...]

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Duffy Show

Last week the Duffy show came to our school. The focus was on reading more and how this helps us build knowledge and vocabulary. The show was fun and interesting because it connected gaming/play station games [...]

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