School Olympics Day

On Wednesday 3rd August we had our very own Olympics day in preparation for the Rio Olympics that start this Saturday. The day was filled with laughter, fun and friendly competition. Congratulations to the winning [...]

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We are so lucky to be funded 10 swimming lessons per child thanks to Sport Auckland. We are doing our swimming lessons, every Tuesday and Thursday at the Pt Erin Pools, with the Swim Magic [...]

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Senior Led Sports Day

On Monday 14th December, our senior students led a sports rotation. It was filled with lots of fun activities such as; netball tag, rob the nest, farmer - farmer, and hop tag. The students all [...]

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Athletics Day

Dear Mum and Dad, On Tuesday the 9th of November was athletics day. I was always looking forwards for athletics. As I reached my school gate I was delighted and was full of joy. Once [...]

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Learning Tennis skills

Tennis Lessons Students were fortunate to have tennis lessons with the help of coaches Nicholas and Josh from Kiwi Sport. It was pleasing to observe how quickly the students learned appropriate skills. They learned how [...]

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Sports Day

In preparation for the Inner City Athletics day for the year 5 and 6 students our school held a sports morning. Each teacher ran a sport and the students were split into their house groups. [...]

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Kiwisport Tennis Lessons

Every Thursday morning for four weeks, Room 1 are having tennis lessons by a coach from the Pompallier Tennis Club.  The students are very focused in this 45 minute session and their skills have all improved out [...]

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