Olympics Day!

                        We loved our school Olympics day!  

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Have a look at these photos from our fantastic trip to the Botanical Gardens. Thank you to Lakyn, our official photographer. We learned to weave with harakeke. Thank you for teaching us Nanny Kura!

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Who are we and what is important to us?

  This term we are exploring what IDENTITY is. Lakyn-Rae says "Identity is who you are on the inside and on the outside".

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Walk Humbly

Today we wondered what it could mean to 'Walk Humbly" as we live our lives. These are our ideas about being humble. Being humble means to: * think of others, not just myself. * be [...]

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The Little Refugee journal writing.

We imagined we were refugees travelling by boat to escape war and conflict. We put ourselves in their shoes and wrote from a refugee child's point of view. Here is part of Nevaeh's journal. "Wednesday [...]

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Buddy Time

Room 1 & 6 have started having Buddy Time every Friday after morning tea. This is a 15 minute time slot where the students get to share their recent work they have been doing. Miss [...]

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Margaret Mahy Biography

Margaret Mahy Born: March 21st 1936 in Whakatane, New Zealand Died: July 23,2012, Christchurch Introduction: Margaret Mahy was one of New Zealand’s best children authors. She was born in Whakatane on March 21st 1936. She [...]

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Athletics Day

Dear Mum and Dad, On Tuesday the 9th of November was athletics day. I was always looking forwards for athletics. As I reached my school gate I was delighted and was full of joy. Once [...]

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Bottle Top Art

Bottle Top Cross How many times have you walked down the street, only to find your pathway had been blocked by a pile of stinky plastic trash and floating plastic bags? Well, in [...]

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