Construction Task – Chicken Feeder by Teila-Jade Zandberg

My construction was a chicken feeder. It works by pushing down the lever and lifts the lid. For this to work you must know or learn about levers. We gathered the tools and [...]

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Easter Prayer by Teila-Jade

Dear Lord, Thank you for sending Jesus to save our sins. We are truly grateful for having a Holy Spirit , Jesus and a God like you. Please may you help those who are sick, [...]

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Easter Prayer by Aliyah Misa

O Jesus, Our beloved companion, and glow of inspiration. We thank you on this glorious Easter season for guiding our lives and protecting our homes and families. To also share with us the warmth of your unseen [...]

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Welcome and Join Us on our Digital Journey Room 5

Welcome Everyone to Term 2! We have made a great start to our term by having our first online Skype session with each year level today. WOW!!! What a great joy to see the enthusiasm with [...]

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Happy Easter

Kia Ora Room 5, Wishing you and your whanau a Blessed Easter. Trust you are all staying safe during this period and I look forward to catching up with you all on Skype tomorrow (Monday [...]

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Tiritiri Matangi Trip,Reflections

Last week we explored Tiritiri Matangi Island as we are learning about animals and New Zealand native birds. "It was my first experience to see dolphins swimming as I made my way to Tiritiri Matangi. [...]

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Duffy Role Model Assembly- Mr.Tim Tipene

Tim Tipene, an Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker Founder of Warrior Kids was our Duffy Role Model at this week's Duffy assembly.  It was an honor to listen to the stories Tim shared about his struggles [...]

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Alice in Wonderland Finale

What a grand finale we had on stage last night as the children performed a breathtaking rendition of 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. Thank you to all our supporters, school community and to the [...]

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Trip to Stardome Observatory

Visiting the Stardome Observatory was a huge learning experience. We learnt about the solar system and the composition of the planets. But my favorite part was the planetarium theater because we got to watch a [...]

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Born to Move-Fitness with Les Mills

 Every Friday the whole school has an opportunity to exercise with Born to Move. It is energetic to dance to the beat of music tracks. In this way we exercise and have fun. We all [...]

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