Room 4 at Born to Move

Room 4 have been lucky enough to have Les Mills come and teach their movement programme, 'Born to Move'. Here we are practising our heel-to-toe walking around the farm animals. It's harder than it looks!!

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School Production

            Wow, it is not long until our school production, 'Jonah Jazz'! We have been busy practising our lines and examples of a thesis songs. Thank you Jack for teaching [...]

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Today we had Cassandra from Footsteps come in to teach us a dance lesson. Room 1 joined in with the year 2 and 3's from Room 4 which was lots of fun. Our dance was [...]

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Room 4 at the Zoo

We had an amazing time at the zoo. We learned about some of our precious taonga- our New Zealand birds. We learned that some of our birds are endangered because introduced species like stoats and [...]

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Marshmallow Challenge

Fun with Science: Marshmallow Challenge WALT: work cooperatively to complete a challenge. During Science we had to work cooperatively to complete a challenge. We had to construct a freestanding tower made out of spaghetti, string [...]

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Daily 5

This term for Reading and Writing Room 4 is using a new programme called the 'Daily 5'. We have been learning about what it looks like when I read by myself I read with a [...]

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Memories of 2015- Room 4

We have had a wonderful year together in Room 4! Thank you parents for your support .  Have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely holiday break with your families.  Looking for cicadas in our [...]

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Value of the term- Honesty

We value friendship too! In Room 4, we value honesty.  It is not easy sometimes, but we are trying to be honest with each other and with ourselves. We came up with our [...]

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We love Grey Lynn Library and Auckland Museum!

Thank you Auckland Museum for sharing some exciting Maori and Pacific stories with us and teaching us about the language and taonga of these cultures. Thank you also Grey Lynn Library for inviting us to [...]

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How the Unicorn Got her Horn.

  Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest. In that forest there was a talking tiger. There was a pretty witch and a hairy monster, a cool alien and a unicorn. But the [...]

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