Early Voyagers to Aoteoroa

Room 4 are learning about the first people that voyaged to New Zealand in 1000 to 1200 AD and the names first given to Aotearoa. We have read the story of Māui fishing the North [...]

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Toroa’s Journey

We learned about the travels of Toroa the Albatross in the book Toroa's Journey. This was part of our Voyages topic. We learned about Toroa's journey because the scientists put a tracker on his back [...]

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Preparing for the Art Exhibition – Save the Date!

Here's a quick look into a group working on one of their pieces for the Art Exhibition in Week 9. Room 4 children are getting excited to share their art with you!

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Room 4 Enjoys the Pasifika Show “Inspire Me”

At the Pasifika show, Mayo and Levi were the actors. Mayo was dreaming about how they used the stars. By Rainbow   At the Pasifika show Mary-Ula and Aloema were dancing with Mayo. There was [...]

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Visiting the Warriors

Yesterday, Rooms 4 and 5 went to see the Warriors. When we got there we tried to look for the Warriors but couldn’t find them straight away. But then, a lady told us to go [...]

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Room 4 Celebrates Pentecost

Room 4 have been learning about the Feast of Pentecost. We decorated our prayer area by making holy spirit flames with crayon and dye. Then we had donuts with icing and sprinkles to celebrate the [...]

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Room 4’s Feelings Poems

Room 4 enjoyed reading a book with poems about our feelings so much, that we decided to write some poems of our own. Here are some of our poems: Feeling Loved Sometimes you feel loved [...]

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Room 4 and the Easter Bunny

  My Easter Bunny Story Last month, the Easter Bunny came to our school. I was surprised. The Easter Bunny was carrying a basket and it was full of chocolate eggs. When the Easter Bunny [...]

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Get NZ Writing – ‘I Am’ Metaphors

Room 4 Participated in the "Get NZ Writing" Project, sponsored by Warehouse Stationery. Here are some of our poetic images, based on a selection of fruit and delicious cakes: I am a nice, circle-orange snuggled [...]

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Room 4’s Zoo Trip – At The Bug Lab

At The Bug Lab By Marie Yesterday we went to the Auckland Zoo. My favourite place was the Bug Lab. The Bug Lab is a new part of the Zoo. People go there to learn [...]

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