Tuakana – Teina

The weather was beautiful and sunny today so for our Tuakana - Teina time we went outside to play a game. Room 5 taught us how to play octopus. There was lots of running, laughter and [...]

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Today we had Cassandra from Footsteps come in to teach us a dance lesson. Room 1 joined in with the year 2 and 3's from Room 4 which was lots of fun. Our dance was [...]

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BNZ – Closed for Good

Closed for Good is BNZ’s annual day of volunteering. They close their stores and most of their support offices on the day and get out into New Zealand communities to lend a hand. This year we [...]

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Popcorn Fun

Room 1 made popcorn as part of a language experience activity for our writing. Language experiences help us to extend our vocabulary and use exciting words. We came up with: popping seeds exploded popped fire [...]

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Be Bright, Eat Right Magic Show

On Friday 11th August we held a wonderful show with a magician, who presented a programme about eating healthy food.  Lucas was even chosen to be a helper which we were very excited about. The students [...]

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St Mary MacKillop Feast Day

On Tuesday 8th August we celebrated St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. We started the day with a liturgy where we celebrated and remembered St Mary MacKillop and all of her achievements. At lunchtime we [...]

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Auckland Zoo trip

On Thursday 3rd August we went on an exciting trip to Auckland zoo. We created lots of memories and learnt about different animals. Some of the students reflections were: "I liked the little monkey who was [...]

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Cup Stacking

As part of our literacy rotation Room 1 has incorporated some new activities to help with our fine motor skills. Cup stacking is one of these activities and it makes us focus really hard and [...]

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Science – Using our senses

Room 1 did a Science experiment where we were all blindfolded and had to use our three senses of  - touch - smell - taste to guess three items of food (banana, pear and gummy lolly). We [...]

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Tuakana – Teina Art

Last Thursday, in our weekly meet up with our Tuakana's, we completed a new art activity. This was a new experience for us and we had lots of fun getting our hands dirty with paint and [...]

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