Gratitude Feathers

Room 4 spent some time thinking about all of the things we are grateful for in our lives. Here are some of our ideas: I am grateful for: my mum because she dropped me off [...]

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Food for Thought – Nutrition Workshop

Room 5 are learning about making healthy choices with food as part of the ' Food for Thought ' program facilitated by Adele Orangi from the Heart Foundation. Students have developed an understanding of how [...]

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Room 4 Sings at ‘Kids For Kids’

             Kids for Kids was fun. It was my first time going with my school to a concert at night. And I can’t believe my mum came! It was the [...]

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The Arapawa Lambs Visit Room 4

We were just finishing our playtime when we looked up to see a truck pulling up at our school gate. Then we saw Dr G’s sister, Mrs McGill, going into the back of the truck [...]

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Room 4 Celebrates All Saints Day – November 1

                  For All Saints Day, Room 4 made artworks dedicated to Saints and wrote a prayer to accompany their work. "It looked as though the people were going [...]

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Room 4 Takes Part in a Waste Survey with the Seniors

   We’re doing a litter survey to help us understand the litter problem in our school. We know that it’s not ok to litter because if you litter it might go into the sea and [...]

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Kids For Kids

Students from Year 3 to 8 participated in this year's Kids for Kids. It was all about celebrating this 'Kiwi As' spirit in a mass choir performance whilst supporting World Vision. "It was an amazing [...]

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Women’s Suffrage

Thank you School Kit for the resource on Are We There Yet? – Women’s Suffrage. It was a big learning experience for us students to investigate the history of the 125 years of Women’s Suffrage. [...]

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Praying With Art

Room 4 have learned that we can pray by reflecting on a religious artwork. Here is a prayer in response to reflecting on art depicting the story about The Good Samaritan: Dear Lord, Please help [...]

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Student Reflection – Rehu Tai Fest-Inner City School Finals

"The moment I got up on that stage, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was a real nervous wreck. It was fun sharing my poem with all the other inner schools. I am so [...]

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