Our Alice in Wonderland Production

We have been preparing for our Alice in Wonderland production. It will be on tomorrow night at 6:00. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome St Leo’s School, Devonport-student reflections

"We are so thrilled that St Leo’s school visited us. The day started with a liturgy and activities. We taught them our school song and a Samoan dance. But I felt shy to teach the [...]

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Kapa Haka

This term we have been learning Kapa Haka with an expert from Auckland Sport. The video below shows one of the items we have learnt over the 8 sessions we have had.  Happy Te Wiki [...]

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ASB – Get Wise Money Programme

Today, Gary from ASB took us through a Get Wise money lesson. Here were some of the key things it taught us; What money looks like (different coins and notes in NZ) Where safe places [...]

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Samoan Langauge Week

Room 1 were invited to the Grey Lynn Library to celebrate Samoan Language week. We were read some stories and got to sing some Samoan songs.  Lucia even gave us a treat - Panikeke, which [...]

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Stepping Out with Constable Cyrus

Room 1 are so lucky to have Constable Cyrus in for three lessons. Lesson 1: Safe walking when we cross a road (classroom) Lesson 2: Safety in cars (wearing seatbelts) Lesson 3: Safe walking (demonstration [...]

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Mothers Day Liturgy

To Celebrate Mothers Day we held a very special liturgy this morning. The children loved sharing their writing with their mothers and presenting them with a rose and a chocolate. Room 1 made their Mums [...]

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St Joseph’s Day

On Tuesday 21st March, we celebrated St Joseph's Day. We held a beautiful liturgy in Room 5 where we acted out stories, said prayers and sang songs. Father Joseph from the Parish attended as well [...]

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Specialist Group – Technology with Mrs Neustroski

Every Wednesday afternoon, we are split into groups and go into a specialist class for 5 weeks. Each teacher does a subject that is not taught daily in the curriculum. Mrs Neustroski chose technology and [...]

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Duffy Senior Leaders Assembly

On Friday 19th August, St Joseph's had the privilege of hosting three past students, who now attend St Pauls College, to talk about their experiences of why reading is so important and how it has helped them [...]

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