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Welcome to Term 3! This term our inquiry topic is 'Voyages'. This week we have been reading a book called The Sailor Dog. Sailor Dog loves the sea and has adventures when he is out [...]

By |25th July 2018|Classes, Room 1|0 Comments

Kelmarna Gardens

Yesterday we visited Kelmarna Garden in Ponsonby. We learned so much about planting, gardening, how bees make honey and how to take care of our world.

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We had a special visit from the Easter Bunny! We hope you had a lovely Easter.

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Today Room 1 talked about recycling. We know that we can recycle paper, glass, tin cans and some plastics. We learned to look for the triangle symbol on packaging. This tells us it can be [...]

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Weaving in Room 1

Today Room 1 learned to weave.  

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Room 1 is loving their swimming lessons. "I like the jumping and the floating," said Tanya. "I went to the pool and was splashing in the water with Rainbow," said Daniel.  

By |16th February 2018|Classes, Room 1|0 Comments

Our Treaty

Welcome to parents, families and friends of Room One children.  We have had a very happy start to our year and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you. We also welcome Ms [...]

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School Production

            Wow, it is not long until our school production, 'Jonah Jazz'! We have been busy practising our lines and examples of a thesis songs. Thank you Jack for teaching [...]

By |5th September 2017|Classes, Room 4|0 Comments

Room 4 at the Zoo

We had an amazing time at the zoo. We learned about some of our precious taonga- our New Zealand birds. We learned that some of our birds are endangered because introduced species like stoats and [...]

By |9th August 2017|Room 4|0 Comments

Fizzing Fun with science

We mixed various substances and tasted how they reacted together. Some mixtures were sweet and delicious and some tasted sour and disgusting! In the end we made some yummy sherbert fizz which popped in our [...]

By |11th November 2016|Classes|0 Comments