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Hi. I'm Mrs McGivern, the Room 4 Class Teacher. We started our year making self-portraits, Modigliani-style. Here's mine!

Room 4’s Zoo Trip

In Week 8, Room 4 visited the Auckland Zoo as part of our science focus for Term 1. After touring around the zoo grounds our class headed to the Zoo's Classroom for an education session [...]

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Reading Bears: We’re Going on a Book Hunt!

Kia Ora All, Bears in NZ are going crazy for books, and hopefully you are too! It's great to have some quiet time with a book and share a story with someone in your bubble. [...]

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Happy Easter from Mrs McGivern

Hello lovely St Joseph's students. I hope you're all washing your hands and being kind to each other! Maybe keeping up with a little bit of school work while we're on break? Our house is [...]

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

Maybe you've heard of the Bear Hunt going on in NZ streets during the lockdown?  Well, the giant bear from Room 6 decided to set up camp in Room 9 while everyone's at home. That [...]

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When I met the actors from the Pop Up Globe…

When I met the actors from the Pop Up Globe, they told us how to change our voice and do different body shapes. They told us about different actors and what they do. There was an [...]

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More Pirate Treasure Maps from Room 4

    By Yienzarah and Mary Ula

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Pirate Treasure Maps

  We had to make a pirate treasure map in class. Everyone else made a 2-D map, but I made a 3-D map at home – I think it’s really cool! I have included everything [...]

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Blazer the Fish

Room 4 have been writing about the fish that we painted for the art exhibition. Here is Augustine's story: My fish’s name is Blazer and he has rainbow stripes around him and metallic dots and [...]

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Easter Collage Art and Stories

Room 4 have been studying the Gospel account of the events on Easter Sunday, when the women went to the tomb and found the stone rolled away. Jesus' body was gone. An angel told them [...]

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The Blue Treasure – Get NZ Writing

Rooms 4 and 5 have been working together to write poems for the Get NZ Writing Project. Each student has to complete a found poem about a mystery object and send it on a postcard [...]

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