Room 4 have been reading ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle’ by Beverly Cleary and doing follow up activities on Chapter Chat.  This is a Twitter based Book Chat for Year 3 and 4 students.  We have been working alongside other classes around New Zealand to enjoy our novel.

You can log onto Twitter and find us @Kereru Kool, because Room 4 is the Kereru Room!

Here are some art and stories our students have written:

I drew a sun and a cloud and a flag of my country, Tonga, at the mouse-house. My mice are Tongan mice. They are brave, and strong and adventurous and a bit quiet, just like me!   BY MELEFINA


I drew some mice in their house. They have a tunnel from the top going down into their house.  BY HASET

For my picture, I drew when Ralph was running away from the maid and hiding. Ralph has lots of muscles from running and hiding.  BY LUCAS

My picture is about Ralph and his family. They are in the mouse house. They are going out to find food.  BY MARY ULA