Kids for Kids was fun. It was my first time going with my school to a concert at night. And I can’t believe my mum came! It was the coolest thing I’ve ever been to. I loved having the chance to be up the front with Team Rain. When I was dancing, Jackie Clarke came and put the mic up to my mouth and I started singing into it. I want to go to Kids for Kids next time.  By Raeyah

I liked it when Nathan King and Jackie Clarke introduced us to ‘Bubblefinger’: we put our finger on our lips and made a wobbly sound while singing.  We all did it to the music and we all had fun.  By Lyla Grace

I went with my mum to watch the show and it was so much fun. I enjoyed all of the singing and dancing.  By Mary- Ula

Kids for Kids was funny and Jackie Clarke had a funny voice. My favourite bit was singing ‘Computer Games”.  By Taliah