We were just finishing our playtime when we looked up to see a truck pulling up at our school gate. Then we saw Dr G’s sister, Mrs McGill, going into the back of the truck to get out two adorable, little lambs. The first lamb, called Lucky, was mostly black. The second lamb was called Spring and she was black and white. We started to feel so excited!

We gathered with the whole school on the bottom courts. We all had to sit in a big circle. Then Dr G chose two lucky students to come up and feed the lambs and walk them around the circle. We all took turns looking at the lamb and some of us even patted them. Very soon, the French Kindy kids came to see Spring and Lucky too.

Finally, Mrs Smuga said, “It’s time to go back to class”. We all lined up after giving the lambs one last pat. “Thank you,” we called out to Mrs McGill as we said goodbye and went back to Room 4. The lovable, little lambs went home to live happily ever after.

The End

By Room 4