We learned about the travels of Toroa the Albatross in the book Toroa’s Journey. This was part of our Voyages topic.

We learned about Toroa’s journey because the scientists put a tracker on his back when he was a baby. It lasted for 7 months before it stopped working in September 2008. It probably fell off into the ocean. The tracker told the scientists that Toroa travelled 29,500 kilometres over 7 months, crossing the Southern Ocean to South America. They learned that he travelled at speeds of 110 kilometres per hour – that’s faster than a car on the motorway!

We also learned that an albatross has a wingspan of 3m – that’s like 3 metre-length rulers joined together. Here’s a picture that our teacher prepared that has been drawn to scale. That means it’s the same size as a real albatross. It’s huge!!

By Noell