Room 4 enjoyed reading a book with poems about our feelings so much, that we decided to write some poems of our own.

Here are some of our poems:

Feeling Loved

Sometimes you feel loved
Because of who you are.
Sometimes you feel loved
By thinking about your family.
Sometimes you feel loved
When you care for another person.

By Noell

Feeling Excited

Sometimes you feel excited,
Being happy, you can’t wait.
You can’t handle how excited you are!
You feel like running and jumping everywhere!
You’re very loud,
Going fast,
Feeling energetic and hyper!

By Yzabel

Feeling Silly

Sometimes I feel silly
Then muck around when the teacher says not to make a sound.
Sometimes you’re not clever
But people think you can be better.
Sometimes you’re sillier than another child,
Because you’re feeling wild.

By Marie and Raeyah

Feeling Loved

Sometimes you feel loved
And sometimes you don’t.
If you don’t, dig deep inside of you
And find your heart inside your body,
Because it will show you love and faith.

By Yienzarah

Feeling Lonely

Sometimes you feel lonely.
When you’re lonely you feel sad.
When you’re lonely,
You feel like you can’t fit in.
When you’re lonely,
You’re not really lonely
‘cause you still have God in your heart.

By Ellery

Feeling Confused
Sometimes you feel confused.
If you’re getting confused,
You’ll be scared and
You get a fright.
By Alilyah