Room 4 Participated in the “Get NZ Writing” Project, sponsored by Warehouse Stationery. Here are some of our poetic images, based on a selection of fruit and delicious cakes:

I am a nice, circle-orange snuggled in the fruit bowl,

Sitting with its friends.

By Nevada

I am a sporty, orange segment,

sliced into a smile.

By Kolio

I’m a banana,

Shaped like a crescent moon,

Ready to shine.

By Oscar

I’m a red velvet cake,

As tall as the skytower!

My lights are bright

And glow like a light sabre.

By Mqren

I am a cookies-and-cream kind of cake,

Ice cream in the middle,

Cookies crumbled on the top.

By Augustine

I am a banana

Shaped like a boomerang,

Ready to come back

When you throw me.

By Maselino