Margaret Mahy

  • Born: March 21st 1936 in Whakatane, New Zealand
  • Died: July 23,2012, Christchurch


Margaret Mahy was one of New Zealand’s best children authors. She was born in Whakatane on March 21st 1936. She wrote over a 100 picture books and she was well known as an author. She died because she had cancer.


Early life:

Margaret Mahy father was called France George Mahy and he was a bridge builder. Her mother was a teacher. Margaret Mahy had 2 daughters as a solo parent.


Margaret Mahy was a nice, kind person who loved children for example: she won the 2011 award the New Zealand book award. Margaret Mahy wrote so many books for example: the man from the land of fandango. It’s about a man from the land of fandango who only appears every 500 years. Another of her books is The Green Bath which is about a boy who goes out and he forgets to go and have a shower.


“Margaret Mahy said writing for young children, it find I often use particular jokes with words and exaggerated, funny events, but some of these haunt the more complex stories for older children too “ Margaret Mahy


Margaret Mahy inspired me by her books, her quotes and her personality. She was a good author.

By Lily Kengike

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Margaret Mahy Photo