Dear Mum and Dad,
On Tuesday the 9th of November was athletics day. I was always looking forwards for athletics. As I reached my school gate I was delighted and was full of joy. Once 9:30 past, my school and I had to practise our chants. During the practises the scorching sun was shining upon us as the heat wave was burning our soft skin. It was so hot I couldn’t even breathe, it felt like we were in drought season. 10:00 reached that was the time we had to stop what we were doing and line up to go to the track.

All the children were so elated to reach their destination for athletics, the joy on everyone’s faces showed that they were so happy for this event. Every house colour was marching down the track silently like a group of soldiers were going to start a war. Once we were on the field the school reunited forming a square which each house had to scream their chants, kowhai won the chants. As the chants were settling down teachers were at stations that each house had to play at. Every house spent five minutes at each station.

Robb the nest, egg spoon race, cricket and soccer were the only four games our school could play. Houses were selected to take part in the games. We had to have great sportsmanship, working as a team and supportive values against each other to earn extra points. After twenty minutes was up for playing games we had to line up in our age groups for sprint races that enter you in the inner city school competitions. Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd could make it in to the competition if you’re a year five and six.

Ages from 5-13 had to race. While the races were going I could see the fear in each person’s face as their toes touch the line. “READY SET GO!!!!” yelled MS Read. “Year twelve girls up” spoke Mrs Bernard. I was really excited for my race. The distance of the race was quite far but I believed I could make it. Once I heard Ms Read blow the whistle I sprinted for my life. As I was sprinting I could feel the pressure I was putting against the grass and I could hear the noise of our feet as we were running. I was coming first. When I reached the end line it felt like a rubber band snapped from inside my chest.

Love from your Usain Bolt. Tumaru Parsons.

athletics photo