Bottle Top Cross

How many times have you walked down the street, only to find your pathway had been blocked by a pile of stinky plastic trash and floating plastic bags? Well, in a little corner on Great North Rd, a school class of 21 decided to make a change. In term 2 of our school year, my class and I discussed ways we could reuse our earth’s finite resources. Our decision: BOTTLE TOP ART! The act of reusing plastic bottle tops that would regularly get shipped straight to a landfill.

How did we get our bottle tops?

As part of our task for Aranui (Journey of Learning), my class addressed letters to local cafés, businesses and reached out to our families in the community of Grey Lynn. After delivering all our letters our class was split into three groups with the job of making an action plan to use the gathered bottle tops. After a term and a half of collecting, our class formed teams and designed different pictures for our art.

Favourite Design

Personally I think the design with the Red Cross and world inside was a great idea. I felt it represented our world as a whole and what impact pollution has on our environment. The cross around it depicted that the world and every living thing in it was created by God.

What next?

So far our class is coming to a decision on what designs would fit in well with our school. With our finished pieces of artwork our class is planning to display it in our school grounds, to do one of two things. 1: to display how environmentally aware we are and 2: decorate our school for our public audience.

Kalala Smith