Room 5

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava and Welcome to Room 5.

Welcome parents and Room 5 to an exciting and invigorating term 3.  A warm welcome back to Miss Mossmon who will be in our class for the next 5 weeks on her final teaching practicum.  We wish her all the best and know for sure, that her time in Room 5 will be filled with engaging and vibrant learners.  Students have got much to look forward in this terms with trips and a musical production.  We are looking forward to see you all at our production towards the end of the term.

Learning topics for this term:

Reading – We will focus on ‘Inference’ as reading comprehension and then students will understand how to infer author’s perspective through implied clues.  Daily reading log will be maintained and reading for meaning will continue to be consolidated.

Writing – Students will explore skills and strategies to write and present speeches and debates.  Persuasive text structure and language features will be explicitly taught through various experiences.  Self and peer assessment skills will be further embedded along with using relevant language to articulate next learning steps. 

Maths – PRIME Maths knowledge and strategies will be further developed with a focus on problem solving, fractions and decimals.  Students continue to show enthusiasm and interest during class maths lessons and are beginning to see mathematics in everyday situations.

Aranui –  Our rich idea for Inquiry learning is based around ‘Animals’.  Some of the essential questions students will delve into are: What do animals need to survive?  How do we protect the rights of animals and how do we care for God’s creation.  This will be linked with Science and classifications of animals.  Students will conduct an inquiry into their chosen endangered animals and identify ways they could make a difference to save the animal from extinction. 

PE – This term students will be involved in regular fitness programs, Kapa Haka every Friday and large ball skills during class sports sessions.  Girls continue to play netball and show tremendous progress in their games.

Religious Education – Week One began with students understanding how to develop imaginative prayers using their gift-taonga.  For the next few weeks students will learn about Sacraments followed by the God strand.  School and class masses along with Monday liturgies will continue.

Homework – Home Learning Tasks will be given from Monday to Thursday.  Each day will focus on a specific curriculum area ranging from Religious Education, Literacy, Mathematics and ARANUI.  Daily reading and learning of times tables facts is highly recommended as this supports students to answer fraction/multiplication/division problems with growing accuracy.

Check out what’s been happening in our classroom by clicking the link that leads to our blog; Room 5 blog.