Room 1

Welcome to Room 1.

We are an energetic class of 15 students, each with our own special characteristic we bring to our class to make us the super star learners that we are! We welcome you to come and visit our classroom and see all of our work we have been doing so far this year.

Our Learning Topics For This Term Are:

·         Maths – Number, Fractions and Algebra.

·         Reading – Sounding out any words we don’t know and pointing to the words as we read. Also using expression in                                                       our voices.

·         Religious Education –  Sacrament and God Strands.

·         Aranui – Animals – NZ endangered species (Maui Dolphin)

·         Writing – write atleast 2-3 sentences to give our stories more detail. Use word cards and sounding out to become
                         independent writers.

·         P.E – Kapa Haka and Ball skills.


Head on over to our newspaper blog by clicking the link below to see our recent activities and events; Room 1 Blog



  • Every night from Monday-Wednesday the students will have a new reading book to read.

  • The students will each have a set of sight word cards to learn (these will change once the students have learned all of their current words).

  • Friday nights students will take home their poem books to read. Please return these on Mondays.

  • Every Monday the students will have a small worksheet in their homework books that they need to complete and bring back to school by the Friday.