Our Music

They say that music is the universal language. Regardless of where you are from or what background, a good melody is something that everyone can enjoy and understand. Our students will benefit in so many ways such as;

  1. It will boost their brain power
  2. It will improve their memory
  3. It helps them socially
  4. It’s a confidence booster
  5. It teaches patience
  6. It can help them connect
  7. It’s constant learning
  8. It’s a great form of expression
  9. It teaches discipline
  10. It fosters creativity

For children, music provides many, many benefits. Experts agree, there are lots of good things about letting your child learn to play an instrument.

Learning topics:

All students are learning about dance and movement and the awareness of it in our communities and in our culture. Students will be able to express how music makes them feel through movement and dance.  

This year is turning out to be super busy yet an exciting time for the music department and we ask that our Heavenly Father continue to bestow his Blessings over all our students, staff, families and communities as we strive for success in achieving our learning goals.

Watch this space for continuous exciting events.