KADODO- African Drummers

Our school hall was filled with the booming sounds of African drums. What a privilege it was for our students to experience the dance and rhythm of African music. Room 5 were able make connections [...]

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Rehu Tai Fest- Speech: School Finals

Wow, what an amazing finale to our school 'Rehu Tai Fest!! The judges were blown away by the quality of speeches and the confidence shown by the contestants. There were four categories: Rap, Spoken Poetry, [...]

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Maori games- Ki O Rahi

For the next three weeks, students will be involved in learning Maori games. During the first session, children learnt how to balance the harakeke sticks and played the game 'Maui and Matou'. We look forward [...]

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Born to Move

Room 4 have enjoyed Born to Move on a Friday morning, especially the floor section or calming-down end of the exercise lesson.     

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Early Voyagers to Aoteoroa

Room 4 are learning about the first people that voyaged to New Zealand in 1000 to 1200 AD and the names first given to Aotearoa. We have read the story of Māui fishing the North [...]

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Daffodil Day- Cancer Society

Today, we came together as St Joseph's School community to support the Cancer Society's work. Children dressed up in yellow and donated a gold coin as a sign of their commitment to raise awareness of [...]

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Toroa’s Journey

We learned about the travels of Toroa the Albatross in the book Toroa's Journey. This was part of our Voyages topic. We learned about Toroa's journey because the scientists put a tracker on his back [...]

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St. Mary of the Cross Mackillop Feast day

We celebrated St. Mary of the Cross Mackillop Feast day on Wednesday 8th August with a school mass followed by Commonwealth Games. Students dressed up in their House group colors and it was fun to [...]

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Tuakana-Teina Sessions

This term for Tuakana- Tenia Room 5 students are engaged in a partnership with Room 1 (Year 0-2) and the French Kindy (Room 9). With Room 1 students we work on spelling/ reading tasks and [...]

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Welcome to Term 3! This term our inquiry topic is 'Voyages'. This week we have been reading a book called The Sailor Dog. Sailor Dog loves the sea and has adventures when he is out [...]

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