Praying With Art

Room 4 have learned that we can pray by reflecting on a religious artwork. Here is a prayer in response to reflecting on art depicting the story about The Good Samaritan: Dear Lord, Please help [...]

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Student Reflection – Rehu Tai Fest-Inner City School Finals

"The moment I got up on that stage, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was a real nervous wreck. It was fun sharing my poem with all the other inner schools. I am so [...]

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Welcome to Term 4

I hope you all had a relaxed break and are feeling more energised to begin Term 4. My fabulous Room 5 students had a great start to the Term. They shared their holiday stories and [...]

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End of Term 3-Fiafia Night

An outstanding performance by the students at our Fiafia Night. Term 3 ended with a grand finale of celebrating cultural dances. We had Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, and mixed multicultural dances. We thank our whānau [...]

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My Barbie – A Story by Mary-Ula

I like my Barbie Transylvania House. I like my decorations because they have stickers and bright colours. My Barbie's hair is pink and purple. When it's night time, I put on her moe ofo.  

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Duffy Role Model Assembly – Ryan Bridge

Ryan Bridge from RadioLIVE was our Duffy role model representative this morning. He emphasized the importance of reading and how we can achieve our goals. Ryan's message was about how we need to think of [...]

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KADODO- African Drummers

Our school hall was filled with the booming sounds of African drums. What a privilege it was for our students to experience the dance and rhythm of African music. Room 5 were able make connections [...]

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Rehu Tai Fest- Speech: School Finals

Wow, what an amazing finale to our school 'Rehu Tai Fest!! The judges were blown away by the quality of speeches and the confidence shown by the contestants. There were four categories: Rap, Spoken Poetry, [...]

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Maori games- Ki O Rahi

For the next three weeks, students will be involved in learning Maori games. During the first session, children learnt how to balance the harakeke sticks and played the game 'Maui and Matou'. We look forward [...]

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Born to Move

Room 4 have enjoyed Born to Move on a Friday morning, especially the floor section or calming-down end of the exercise lesson.     

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