School Production


            Wow, it is not long until our school production, 'Jonah Jazz'! We have been busy practising our lines and songs. Thank you Jack for teaching us some cool moves for our 'Thriller' dance. Here we are in dance rehearsal.  All we need now are our skeleton costumes! … [Read more...]

Room 4 at the Zoo


We had an amazing time at the zoo. We learned about some of our precious taonga- our New Zealand birds. We learned that some of our birds are endangered because introduced species like stoats and ferrets are killing them. This term we will be learning about the kiwi and what is being done to conserve our special bird. … [Read more...]



Have a look at these photos from our fantastic trip to the Botanical Gardens. Thank you to Lakyn, our official photographer. We learned to weave with harakeke. Thank you for teaching us Nanny Kura! … [Read more...]

Walk Humbly

Today we wondered what it could mean to 'Walk Humbly" as we live our lives. These are our ideas about being humble. Being humble means to: * think of others, not just myself. * be grateful. *  be giving * be non-judgemental * be honest. * be prayerful. * live the way God would want me to. … [Read more...]

The Little Refugee journal writing.

We imagined we were refugees travelling by boat to escape war and conflict. We put ourselves in their shoes and wrote from a refugee child's point of view. Here is part of Nevaeh's journal. "Wednesday 30th March. At dawn me and my family had to leave our country because it was in such bad condition. We saw soldiers … [Read more...]

Value of the term- Honesty

oct and queenstown 016

In Room 4, we value honesty.  It is not easy sometimes, but we are trying to be honest with each other and with ourselves. We came up with our own definition for the word 'Honesty'. "When I am honest, I tell the truth. I listen to God's call and I do the right thing." … [Read more...]