Mothers Day Liturgy

To Celebrate Mothers Day we held a very special liturgy this morning.
The children loved sharing their writing with their mothers and presenting them with a rose and a chocolate.
Room 1 made their Mums a crown as we believe our mothers are all queens.
Some of the students writing said:

“My Mum is a queen because she loves everything” – Mqren Al-Nuaimi

“My Mum is a queen because she is always there for me” – Noell Pereira

“My Mum is a queen because she cooks” – Haset Awaju

“My Mum is a queen because she is the best mum ever” – Rainbow Vui

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  1. Valerie says

    It was a beautiful liturgy with moving tributes from the children to their mothers. Thank you to all the children and teachers for putting this together.

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